Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Auto-Changing Signage in Toronto

From Torontorants

I always get irritated when I'm driving and I see a sign like this. I can't turn right. No wait, only during certain times. What does that say? Now some one's honking at me. Do Can I turn or not? Argh. I shouldn't be forced to read times of day and check my clock when trying to figure out if I can turn at an intersection.

The other problem with the signs is that in a rush, you just look up and see the no right picture, not even noticing the times. It looks like a straight out no-right sign when you look quickly. And when you're driving in a busy downtown, making quick and informed decisions is key to safety, and to good traffic flow.

Now, This is what the turn restriction sign looks like on Yonge and Bloor during rush hour. No left, no right. Simple. No times of day to worry about.

This is what it looks not during rush hour. What?? Is it different now? Yup. You can't make a left, but you just can't take a right on reds. Brilliant. No small print times to read, just big basic information that's easy to read.

Here's a bit of a glimpse of how it's done. Mechanically changing signs. I'm not sure, but I think they automatically switch at prescribed times. Brilliant.

Of course, just like every smart idea in Toronto, it's sparsely implemented. I'm sure that this is a 'pilot project' by the city, and will probably remain that way forever. It's a shame. I'm sick of getting honked at.

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